What Is PDO Thread lift? How Long Does It Take? 

What Is PDO Thread lift? How Long Does It Take? 

The earliest indications of aging frequently appear in people as early as their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Many people in this stage want to address cosmetic issues but are either not ready for a complete facelift or do not want surgery. The good news is that nonsurgical anti-aging procedures are readily available to enhance facial appearance.

You might want to think about a PDO Thread Lift if you’re searching for a minimally invasive method to enhance your looks and remove years from your face but don’t want to go “under the knife” for anything more invasive, like a complete facelift.

Opal Aesthetics Wellness We are delighted to offer the PDO Thread lift at Opal Aesthetics Wellness. This procedure employs PDO threads to revitalize your face, make you seem younger, and reduce the indications of aging so that you appear and feel more youthful.

What is a PDO thread lift?

When doing a thread lift, temporary sutures are utilized to create a little noticeable “lift” in the skin. The specialist suspends the patient’s sagging face skin with sutures rather than physically removing it. It has the effect of elevating and tightening the face by slightly drawing the skin back.

A cannula is used during the treatment to implant PDO (Polydioxanone) threads beneath your skin, and the tiny structures connected to these superfine threads push up the sagging parts of your skin. Your skin receives a slight but noticeable boost from the PDO threads that have been correctly aligned, tightened, trimmed, and secured.

How does PDO Thread lift work?

PDO threads are excellent for elevating the skin. Still, they delay the aging process by inducing the body’s “healing response” and directing massive amounts of collagen to the treated regions. It is essential since collagen is vital to the aging process.

In other words, the facial tissues are continually and gradually rejuvenated by this procedure. Patients with a PDO thread lift to encourage collagen will gradually improve the firmness and tone of their skin. The body’s healing reaction will be continuously working while the sutures are in place because the body will seek to “heal” the sutured regions and dissolve the sutures.

When the body detects any foreign thing in the dermis, it is naturally designed to respond this way. Fortunately, the patient won’t feel anything occurring since the PDO threads inserted beneath the skin during a thread lift are so tiny. Once the skin around their sutures has healed, most patients can barely feel them.

How long does the procedure usually take?

Depending on the treatment location, the surgery often uses local anesthesia and lasts 45 to 60 minutes. Patients can resume their regular activities immediately despite the modest side effects, including swelling and bruising lasting 2-3 days.

Do PDO Thread lift last?

Typically, Thread lifts last between 12 and 18 months. It, however, depends on the patient and factors, including age, lifestyle, skin type, and how rapidly the body breaks down the sutures.

Results from the treatment are seen right away. Your skin will immediately seem tighter, smoother, and lifted once the PDO threads have been appropriately positioned, tightened, and secured below it.

Your skin will continue to be stretched by the PDO threads for six to twelve months. They are entirely secure and biodegradable, resulting in gradual decomposition over time. When the skin around the sutures heals, you won’t have any adverse effects from the sutures falling out, nor will you be able to feel the threads below your skin.

You can anticipate outcomes once the sutures have completely dissolved for at least another six months before the body’s collagen synthesis starts to slow down. Repeated treatments can be done if necessary because thread lifts are secure and non-invasive.

What concerns can be addressed by PDO Thread lift?

Many of the same issues a typical facelift addresses can be treated with this simple procedure. These are some aging issues that a PDO thread lift can fix.

Wrinkles and fine lines.

The breakdown of collagen proteins in the skin results in static wrinkles. These proteins are critical for the smooth, young appearance of the skin. Still, the skin’s structure degrades as we age, and collagen production decreases. Most of the face, the jawline, and the neck might develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Static wrinkles can be corrected by raising and tightening the skin, as opposed to dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by recurrent muscle action during facial movements. A thread lift offers this immediate lift while simultaneously promoting the creation of new collagen, which helps most patients’ treatments be more effective and last longer.

Sagging skin.

Collagen degradation is also related to skin laxity. This concern manifests in the neck, jawline, under the eyes, and around the lips. In your late 20s to early 30s, mild skin laxity may start to appear, and moderate to severe skin laxity may cause you to seem heavier or older than you are. When patients look at their areas of concern, this might result in poor self-esteem for many patients.

For individuals seeking an alternative to standard surgery, a PDO thread lift can treat mild to severe skin laxity. We can tighten the threads during your visit to provide the best lift while keeping your skin soft and smooth.

Face contour.

The basic contour and form of your face may alter as you age. We could change your face’s shape when we tighten the skin. Enhancing the cheekbones, reshaping the jawline, or rounding the chin may all fall under this category. You could notice years removed from your appearance with these minor adjustments with just one quick appointment.

Is PDO Thread Lift the treatment you need?

You can now use a PDO Thread lift to smooth, tighten, and rejuvenate your skin instead of a facelift, formerly the only practical approach to turn back time and restore young skin. With this procedure, you can get immediate results that improve over time. A simple process with no recovery time and long-term collagen regeneration in your problem regions!

Contact us at Opal Aesthetics Wellness to set up your initial appointment if you’re ready to learn more about this revolutionary treatment option.