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Keralase Hair Restoration, using innovative laser technology

KeraLase is an innovative treatment from Lutronic, a highly regarded aesthetic technology company, that combines two effective therapies into one treatment for incredible results:

  • Lutronic Ultra laser treatment
  • KeraFactor® serum application


The laser helps to pre-condition the scalp by “opening” the channels of the hair follicles, making them more receptive to the highly concentrated KeraFactor serum.  Working in tandem, these technologies encourage more, thicker hair by revitalizing follicles through which growth occurs, increasing the diameter of each strand, and bolstering the number of hairs per unit area.  In fact, studies indicate that the Lutronic Ultra Laser can help improve hair thickness by 77%.

The treatment is comfortable and painless – it does not involve any injections or blood draws, and you do not need to ingest any medications. It is also fast, only taking about 10 minutes or less per treatment session. After your treatment is complete, you can immediately resume your normal daily routine with no downtime.

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